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What To Do If Your NSS Enrolment Status Reads “Authentication On Hold”

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Registration for the National Service Scheme for this year ends at the end of July for all final year tertiary interested in enrolling on the scheme.

Posting will begin after the registration window closes. While waiting for posting, NSS registrants should be sure that their registration has gone through successfully.

Registrants should log into their NSS portals with the email address used for the registration and pincode as password to check their enrolment status.

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If your enrolment status reads “Registration Verified – Awaiting Posting” as shown in the image below, you are good to go.

After checking your enrolment status and it reads “On Hold – Failed Authentification”, it means your registration is on hold.

All registrants facing this problem are required to visit the nearest NSS office to rectify it as soon as possible.

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