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We Can’t Allow Your Emotions To Manipulate You, LGBTQ+ Is A Non Starter – KNUST Students Activists Declares

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Student activists of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, (KNUST) say they are totally not in support of the legalization of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-gender, Queer, Intersex plus (LGBTQI+).

They have therefore thrown their weight behind the bill before parliament to be passed to preserve the dignity of the Ghanaian citizenry.

Speaking in an interview with our Correspondent Emmanuel Akayeti in Bolgatanga, the Chairman of the KNUST Student Activists, Martin Lutherking Aduko, stated that he must establish without fear of equivocation that human right advocacy is sine qua non in as much as the core mandate of the KNUST Student Activists is concerned, and will never condescend to endorsing such social and cultural misfit of debauchery, that the norms of the Ghanaian society, which is foundational to our own identity conspicuously excoriate.

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He indicated that “the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, pioneered by the United Nations in 1948 was never done under the blind fold of cultural differences.”

“Please let’s get this right,” he said, “it’s very unfortunate to have realized how other activists make sophistry against the bill, and seeking to abrogate same in parliament under the curtesy of human rights protection.”  
“We must come to the realization that human rights protection does not only mean to protect the individual from infringement by others, of what is considered basic rights as defined by the United Nations General Assembly. The protection also seeks to rescue the subject from abusing his or her own self, in as much as the person’s right is concerned”.

Mr Aduko said, looking at the matter, what may be qualified as a basic human right, to say the least, would be natural sexual relations, that is if we should consider the sexual relationship to be a basic right, but the idea to uphold and recognize the unnaturally invented sexual relationship such as the LGBTQI+ is a non-starter and must be outrightly served as an outcast in the spectrum of basic rights.

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He wondered “Why is a person persecuted in his attempt to take his own life? It’s because, in the context of human rights protection, the law protects the individual from what it thinks is detrimental to the subject, hence frowns against it”, and cited that, “when Charles Nii Armah Mensah set the country on a goose chase by masquerading to have been under a gun-hunt when in reality he was hale and hearty, did he not face the law? Or was Benson Nana Yaw, when he made an exterminatory threat, pardoned for it?”

The young maverick stressed that “human rights does not mean absolute autonomy, it does not trumpet the horns of free will, it operates within boundaries and whiles it seeks to protect, it also seeks to prevent. Whiles human rights protection purposes to shield the individual from inhuman discrimination, it also purposes to protect the individual from themselves, from being abused by their own emotions, from their own desires that are contrary to the natural order.” 

“This is the reason why,” he said, “although a person might emotionally feel like taking his own life, the law criminalizes the act. It does not mean once the body is yours, we must allow your emotions to manipulate you.” Saying experience shared with those who were once victims of homosexuality is horrifying and the victims wished they never experience it again. 

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Mr. Aduko emphasized that as human rights activists, “We can’t and will never allow your own emotions to abuse your right, and we shall seek to protect you from yourselves. Just as the bill is appropriately named: ‘PROMOTION OF PROPER HUMAN SEXUAL RIGHTS AND GHANAIAN FAMILY VALUES,’ it seeks to promote proper human sexual rights whiles preventing improper sexual activities.

Therefore, the dissention against the bill and progressive efforts to shred its documents by some is in itself a potential human right infringement in disguise.” He added.

He concluded that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda did it, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo of Ghana can also do it. We will continue to stand for, and purge our society off unhealthy foreign infiltrations.




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