Friday, October 22, 2021
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[Video]: Young Girl Receives Slaps From Middle-Aged Woman For Allegedly “Chopping” Her Husband

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A young girl has suffered the beatings of her life after reportedly sleeping with someone’s spouse.

The unnamed lady was spotted hitting and slapping the youngster while hurling slurs at her in a video that has gone viral on social media.

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The lady stated that she had intended to capture the little girl’s mother and teach her a lesson, but she was unable to do so, so she vented her rage on the unfortunate girl, who was beaten.

She was overheard stating that the girl visits her husband to sleep with him and even has the confidence to see him on occasion. While onlookers looked, the enraged woman grabbed and battered the small child.

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Slay queens have a common aim of stealing from the pockets of well-off men, regardless of their marital status.

In reality, they prefer ā€˜responsible’ married guys with money who can look after them and their idleness since they do not want to work. They only want to sleep with those men and squander their money.

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Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for even young females to engage in the sidechick game without concern.

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