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[Video] Jessica Opare of Citi FM Reveals She’s Behind MTN’s “You Have Just One Minute Remaining” Voice

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Jessica Opare Saforo, a Ghanaian media personality who also works for Citi FM, has revealed that she is the one who says on MTN that “you just one minute remaining.”

It is always fascinating to learn who is behind the MTN voice that continually announces “you have one minute remaining.”

People sometimes have multiple disagreements with that voice because they do not believe their credit has fully ended.

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When your credit is almost depleted, this voice will warn you, and when your credit is depleted, the voice will alert you once more that you have no call credit.

Ghanaians have been searching for the person behind this voice for a long time, and it appears that God has answered their prayers.

Jessica Opare Saforo, a Citi FM employee, is the one who always says, “You have one minute remaining.”
Jessica Opare Saforo announced on her YouTube channel that she is the MTN voice ambassador and what she has done so far for the company.

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Check out the video below:



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