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[Video]: Freshly Posted Teacher Bemoans How Labon Students Study Under Broken Mud Hencoop

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A freshly posted teacher of Labon KG and primary school has bemoaned the dilapidated nature of a school she was posted to recently.

According to her, she was dawned with reality by the school structure having informed her household, she was leaving for school.

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The mess was spotted in a video posted on Instagram by popular comedian, Teacher Kwadwo. In the video students of the school were seen hanging their “sack school bags” on logs which served as their desk.

Social media commentators reacted soberly to the school structure, describing it as a hencoop.

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The broken mud structure had no chairs, thereby forcing students to sit on logs placed on others with the floor as dusty as a desert. Ventilation is nothing to write home about.

“What am I doing here, I left home telling my household am going to school and this is where I find myself, Laboho K.G and primary school”, the newly posted teacher laments.

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Other concerns raised by some social media users was for the fact that, students in this particular school are expected to write the same exams as students in other towns and cities with an improved, furnished, well ventilated school buildings.

Many people including the outspoken comedian cum teacher called on GES and other government stakeholders to come to the aid of the school to enable effective teaching and learning.

Story By: Lonta Doris – Trayonlinegh

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