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UG City Campus Students Express Confidence In Nana B & Mr. Acquah

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Students of the Accra City Campus of the University of Ghana have emphasized their belief in the candidacy of Samuel Amos Ofosu and Mr. Acquah in this year’s UGSRC elections.

Earlier this week, the students were paid a surprise visit by Nana B and his team and the entourage donated ceiling fans to the management and SRC of the Accra City Campus. This, according to Nana B, was in response to several concerns raised by students as to the heat in the lecture halls and non-functioning fans.

Receiving the donations worth about 3,000 Ghana Cedis, the current Principal of the Accra City Campus and the chief representative of the Vice-Chancellor on the campus, Professor Yaro Joseph Awetori, stated that this gesture by Nana B and Acquah is very important and will go a long way to make the campus better. He further advised them to keep working hard and not to neglect the city campus when they win.

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Some students Trayonline spoke to on the day expressed a lot of confidence in that team, saying that Nana B has a track record of good leadership and looks receptive and friendly.

A surprise visit to the YMCA hostel of the campus got the all-boys hostel rousing as he joined in their afternoon football match.

Nana B, according to many others who our media outlet spoke to continues to be a leading candidate in the UGSRC Presidential race. Trayonline has turned its “camera” lens on this year’s UG SRC elections and will bring the latest in this interesting race.

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