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UEW Graduate Puts Her Degree Aside And Now Sells ‘Koko’ As A Business

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At a time where youth unemployment is on the ascendency, there are some who see the need to ply different routes other than solely relying on the state for white color jobs.

Rebecca Konadu, who graduated from the University faced same fate as many young graduates suffering to obtain jobs, after every effort to secure a job proved futile, she chose to veer to the porridge selling as a means of sustaining herself.

In a post sighted by Trayonline, the story of the industrious graduate was shared as follows, “Meet Rebecca Adu Konadu, my elder sister. Today, she started her breakfast business.
She has a degree in BA Business Administration (Human Resource option) from the University of Education, Winneba, yet today, she is been called “koko wura”(meaning porridge seller).

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I am not posting this to preach “government payroll is full so graduates should venture into entrepreneurship” but rather to ask the question, “what problem are you solving as a graduate in your area or country as a whole (either in research/academia, business, teaching etc)”. I believe the whole idea of our research thesis at the university is to help us as students to find solutions to a problem; how to bridge the knowledge gap.

My sister, for about 2 years after her national service, has been job hunting, but to no avail. She then realised that, at where we stay, breakfast is hard to come by, especially corn porridge, ‘Tom brown’, beverages and the likes. So she decided to venture into that aspect. And voila! Today she has started her business, and I have counted 30 people(and still counting) coming to buy from her.

She has solved the ‘breakfast problem’ in a way, and is no longer unemployed. I am really proud of her and I pray this becomes huge.”

This clearly affirms that necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Kudos to Rebecca

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