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Top 10 Best Scenes in Prison Break

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Prison break is one of the famous TV series ever. It was released in August 2005.This FOX series involves two brothers striving their way to freedom. After Lincoln Burrows was framed for murder, his younger brother Michael Scofield tries to break him out.

The Set Up Season 1 Episode 10
After Philly Falzone cut off John Abruzzi’s paycheck that bought his privileges in fox river, not only Abruzzi suffered the cost but also Michael’s plan since they were not able to go on PI and there was a high chance that the new PI crew could find out about the hole they dug. All that Falzone wanted was the location of Fibonacci and have his revenge. Michael also wanting to get back on PI gave out Fibonacci’s location which later happened to be a setup.

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Number 9
A Full House Season 1 Episode 18
Michael losing some part of his tattoo after being burnt, had to fake a mental illness to get to psycho part of fox river to retrieve the lost part from Haywire who had memorized the diagram. On his quest one of the officer’s placed Scofield’s cell on auction to any team mate ready to pay for it. Charles, Benjamin and T bag had to find a way to secure the cell since it was the base of their plan.

Number 8
Proposal In Style Season 2 Episode 7
Tweeny was sent away from the team after the escape from fox river by Scofield who knew he was the snitch among them. he was arrested by Agent Mahone when he was on an errand for some items and after some interrogations. he convinced Mahone that he will take them to the location of the other runaways. meanwhile he sends Mahone and the whole team to Debbie Jean his new found love.

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Number 7
Inside Man Season 2 Episode 13
Agent Kellerman was one of the secret service agent who was responsible for the framing of Lincoln Burrows. After they broke out, he was still tasked to assassinate the brothers only for him to switch side to that of the brothers after being betrayed by President Reynold. he shot Mahone when they had the best situation and opportunity to end the lives of the brothers.

Number 6
Boom Season 5 Episode 5
Ja was the quiet Japanese in Scofield’s (Outis) cell in Ogygia. He was characterized as a drug addict and a music lover until he set two of Abu Rahman’s army ablaze with a nice strategy.

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Number 5
Smart Brain Season 2 Episode 8
Scofield is seen as the brains in movie, with most of us forgetting how just brilliant Theodore Bagwell was. After they went through the struggles to uncover D B Coopers money, Michael and Sucre had other plans to secure the money for themselves. Meanwhile T-BAG was just a step ahead in time.

Number 4
Payback Time Season 5 Episode 9
The CIA Agent Poseidon forced Michael to become Kerniel Outis and framed him for the murder of another official Agent. Michael returning home after surviving ogygia decide to let Poseidon pay all the difficulties and the most awesome part was how he broke into Poseidon’s safest room and how he reframed Poseidon for his own murder.

Number 3
Let’s Fly Season 5 Episode 8
The company needing Whistler urgently could not wait for Scofield to break him out. To speeding up the process the company decided to airlift whistler from the prison. This could have been awesome in real life if only it worked.

Number 2

Bellicks Death Season 4 Episode 9
Officer Brad Bellick who was the commander in Fox river was not among the most loved character in the season one and two. But after his true nature was revealed as the caring one among the team and his sacrifice for team to retrieve Scylla was just priceless.

Number 1
The Duo Season 4 Episode 21
Sucre and Michael share a loyal brotherly relationship that surpasses any other in the series but the combination of Mahone and Scofield was just so amazing since they are both intellects. Especially the manner in which they retrieved Sara from T Bag’s custody and wounded Lincoln without giving out Scylla was just impressive

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