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The No-Fasting Policy is Non-Discriminatory- Wesley Girls PTA

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The Parent-Teacher Association of the Wesley Girls Senior High School has responded to the ongoing brouhaha on the issue of the school rules and the Muslim Ramadan fast. In a statement dated May 5, 2021, the PTA made it clear that the matter should be looked on from health perspective rather than skewing it down to a religious perspective.

Among other issues, the letter clarified that the no-fasting policy school rule is one that affected all students of all faith on the grounds of health. They cited that the motive behind the policy was as a result of past experiences of students who nearly died to to such circumstances.

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Furthermore, the letter stated that the PTA finds any directive which will compromise the health of their daughters whom they have entrusted to the school as uncomfortable.

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Conclusively, they urged GES to reconsider its directive to the school authorities stating that it is unsustainable to force the school to compromise its regulations on the grounds of religion. Below is a full copy of the statement for your perusal:

Copy of Statement by PTA of Wesley Girls’ SHS
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