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The Hall Dilemma: Is Michael Abuah A Continental Or A Katangee?

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As an affiliation-related voter, you might have wondered which hall Presidential aspirant, Michael Abua holds claim to considering the fact that he is one of the candidates who seems reluctant to the hall affiliation craze till now.

Turns out, the presidential aspirant and former SCISA President lays claim to both University Hall popularly known as Katanga and Unity Hall.

Abuah has been known to be a continental, representing the hall in debate activities and participating in other activities in the hall.

Michael Abuah at the 2018/2019 Unity Hall Week Debate.
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Meanwhile it turns out, the SRC Presidential Candidate is an affiliate of Katanga officially. His school identification card had proven that fact.

Abuah’s Hall identity has become a matter of contention considering the fact that affiliation and acceptance as a member of a hall over the years, had been determined by whether you slept in the hall or not.

Now, is Michael Abuah a Katangee a Continental, or a Katanental?

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