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Best Marriage Advice Ever Given On Twitter

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Marriage is supposed to be a partnership, not always transactions. It took a lady on twitter, known as Ogoina Blezzing to explain this opinion vividly; the best marriage advice ever given.

Blezzing used her own marriage to write a beautiful thread that we believe is the best marriage advice ever given on twitter in 2021.

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Enjoy the enlightening thread below:

A few days ago, Oga came back from work, went into the room, and as he was coming out, he saw me sitting in the parlor. He said; ‘go and dress the bed, I want to sleep’. Honestly, I was not too pleased with the moment but something kept making me keep quiet and obey, I couldn’t understand it. I was murmuring to myself when I got into the room like; what is so difficult in making the bed, why is he always asking me to do almost everything for him? Why couldn’t he just lay the bed for himself? All these complaints were within me but I still did the bed, she began.

Funny enough, he went to put on the generator and for the past 5 years of our marriage, going to 6 now, I can count how many times I have touched that generator. It still didn’t dawn on me that he went to put on the gen so that I can sew properly without the light going off later

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It took me telling him how I was feeling the next day for him to properly explain stuff. Some men don’t look at their wives as slaves, they see us as partners and the only ones they can trust with stuff personal to them. They feel that when they are not feeling too much energy, they can just ask their wives to cover for them but they won’t be telling you in this way I am explaining, they might just demand from you. He is constantly thinking of how to assist my dreams, but he is not too vocal about it. I also need to be thinking about his welfare

My mother-in-law will always say one thing that has stuck to me to date, ‘always make your presence so impactful so that in your absence, they will feel your importance’. If you make yourself so irrelevant in your partner’s life, there will be no drive or passion to have you back when you are not there. If my husband is not around, after the first few hours, I will start missing him. If I am not around, sometimes he calls to cut short my trips because he can’t stand my absence. It makes me happy to feel wanted and needed at the same time. You can’t imagine how beautiful it is to be your partner’s shoulder to lean on. It is a very beautiful feeling and when it is done in love and passion, you don’t feel tired, you just want to keep giving all the time. That’s how passionate he feels when helping me out.



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