Friday, January 28, 2022
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Meet The “Shark” Medical Student Who Swept All 7 Awards At 2021 UDS School Of Medicine Graduation Ceremony

The journey to success, particularly in the arena of academics is not a preserve for some people as most presume, but rather he who strives and burns all the midnight candles achieves so

Meet The “Brilla” UDS Valedictorian Who Swept All Top Awards At Their Graduation Ceremony

As a student, studying can sometimes be very challenging and discouraging to a lot of students, however, there’s extreme joy for those that are able to endure and put in effort and eventually complete with flying colors

Controversial Ghs 63K UDS Bus Terminal Disappears From Site Days After Media Backlash (Video)

Following days of media backlash which, the UDS SRC built bus terminal has disappeared unto thin air according to a video sighted on

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