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Stan Dogbe Clears The Air On Who Funded Mahama’s Education In Russia

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Former Presidential staffer under the erstwhile John Mahama administration, Stanislav Xoese Dogbe has cleared the air on who funded the former president’s education in Russia.

The matter came up after the 2020 NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Kpone – Katamanso, Hopeson Adorye alleged that the former president’s Masters education in Russia was funded by President Akuffo-Addo.

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Stan Dogbe vehemently disagreed with the claims made by Hopeson Adorye.

In a long post on his Instagram page, the presidential staffer said Mahama’s masters education was funded by a scholarship facility under the scholarship secretariat.

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He wrote: So, a number of you have forwarded the crap attributed to Hopeson Adorye about President John Dramani Mahama’s education and funding.

It is obvious Hopeson just wants to be noticed by the Nana Addo kitchen cabinet for a post to survive. His claims are however nothing but just another fabrication about the affable, modest and Ghana’s favorite politician today, John Dramani Mahama.

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1. President Mahama entered Secondary School on a Western Gonja District Council Scholarship when Mr. Edward Akufo-Addo’s Government was overthrown in 1972. He could not have paid fees for President Mahama when as a student he was already on scholarship.

2. Again Edward Akufo-Addo could not have paid President Mahama’s fees in the 80’s when he is known to have died in 1979. President Mahama’s study in the USSR was on a Soviet scholarship awarded through the Scholarship Secretariat.

3. President Mahama never personally knew or met President Akufo-Addo until they were both sworn into Parliament on the same day on January 1997.

4. Fact is everything to do with President Mahama’s education from Primary school till he graduated from University with a first degree was catered for by his father E.A Mahama. When his father lived in exile in the 1980’s, expenses for his postgraduate education were taken care of by his late Stepmother, Joyce Tamakloe.

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