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Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary 2022

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Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary

Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary 2022

About SATC

The South African Transport Conference (SATC) is an annual meeting that draws 700 delegates from across the country each year. The International Road Federation is sponsoring the meeting because of its demonstrated usefulness (IRF).

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The forum is being held with the following goals in mind by the organizing committee:

  • Providing a unifying platform for national and international dialogue on transport
  • Facilitating the exchange of information and ideas on how to develop transport policies, strategies, and technology applications
  • To foster and strengthen the relationship among all stakeholders, both from the public and private sector

SATC also offers bursaries to deserving students in order to encourage the inflow of bright minds into the country’s transportation business.

Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) 2022

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The SATC gives bursaries to certain students who may potentially help the transportation industry in South Africa.

It offers two sorts of bursaries. One is for students from the SADC who are seeking undergraduate degrees. The second category is for SADC students pursuing postgraduate degrees, like as master’s or doctoral degrees.

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SATC will select one undergraduate student and two postgraduate students for the academic year 2022.

Postgraduate students will receive bursaries worth R 170,000 apiece. The money will be sent directly to the institution and will be used for your study.

The amount of the bursary for undergrad students will vary depending on a number of criteria. It will cover expenditures such as tuition, lodging, and prescribed literature. Students will be responsible for any expenses not covered by the stipend.

Furthermore, the payment is not made in one lump sum. It will be paid out in two installments. The first payment of Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary 2022 will be sent in February, and the second will be due in July.

Students must renew the bursary for the second year after the first academic year. The Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary 2022 renewal process includes a review of the current year’s academic performance.

Only those who achieve satisfactory scores will be eligible for the following year’s Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary 2022.


If the students do not complete their course, they will be required to repay the entire sum, plus interest.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for the Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary 2022 must meet the eligibility requirements established by the SATC Secretariat. Because the number of bursaries is restricted, those who do not meet all of the conditions will be rejected.

The following are the eligibility requirements for the Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary 2022:

  • Must be either a South African citizen or of one of the SADC countries
  • Must be studying full-time towards an undergrad or postgrad degree in the field of transportation. The postgrad studies must include a research component in transport
  • Must be studying at a recognized institution in South Africa
  • Must not be receiving benefits from other bursaries, scholarships, or awards

Only those who meet the requirements should apply for the bursary.

Please keep in mind that meeting the requirements for Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary 2022 does not guarantee financing. The selection of students to serve as bursars is left to the discretion of the selection committee. Their selection will be regarded as final.

How to Apply?

Continue with the application process if you are eligible and meet all of the aforementioned criteria. It’s simple and quick, but it takes meticulous attention to detail. The steps are as follows:

The first step is to download the SATC Bursary Application Form for Study 2022 and fill it out. It’s in the Docx file format.

So, open the document in a competent Word Processor and fill out the form.

Certain questions concerning your personal and academic information are asked on the form. Answer them accurately and in a reasonable manner.

You’d also have to write a motivational letter explaining why you’re the best applicant for the Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary 2022 at the end of the letter.

Documents Required

Gather the following documents to aid in the processing of your application:

  • Matric certificate
  • Membership certificate of professional bodies
  • Recent photographs
  • An invoice detailing expenses (for undergrad applicants)
  • Degree certificate and academic record (for postgrad applicants)

Certified copies of the documents are required.

The completed application form and scanned documentation must be emailed to the following address:

In the email, write “SATC Bursary Application – Your Full Name” as the subject line.

It’s critical to double-check the form and documents before mailing them to ensure accuracy.

Closing Date

The closing dates for the Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary 2022 are as follows;

  • 13 December 2021 – For Postgraduate students
  • 30 January 2022 – For Undergraduate students


Contact Details

You can contact the Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Bursary 2022 sponsors at the following address:

  • Telephone – 012 804 3762
  • Mobile – 083 324 9622
  • Email –

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