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SAAFoST Part-Time Bursary 2022

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SAAFoST Part-Time Bursary


In 1960, the South African Association of Food Science and Technology was founded in Cape Town. There are currently three operating centers in Cape Town, Durban, and Gauteng.

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It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization maintained entirely by volunteers. Around 2000 people in Southern Africa are members of the SAAFoST.

The goal of this organization is to improve and expand the body of knowledge in the field of food science and technology through scientific research, publications, workshops, and seminars, among other things.

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SAAFoST has created a foundation to oversee and administer the bursaries.

About SAAFoST Part-time Bursary 2022 for SAAFoST Members

Matriculant bursary, Undergraduate bursary, and Part-time bursary are three types of bursaries offered by the SAAFoST to students interested in the field of food science and technology.

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In this post, we will discuss the SAAFoST part-time bursary.

The part-time bursary is offered to SAAFoST members who are fully paid up and want to study part-time for a BSc Hons or B.Tech degree. This bursary is given to students who have excelled academically.


This part-time grant pays students’ tuition expenses up to a maximum of R35 000. The cost is paid directly to the student’s tertiary institution of choice.

The cost is paid in two payments depending on the student’s performance.

Eligibility Criteria

The following eligibility conditions must be met by students seeking for the part-time bursary.

The organization may reject students’ applications if they are unable to meet the established conditions.

  1. Be a citizen of South Africa
  2. One must be a residing in South Africa for minimum 3 years before applying for the bursary
  3. Students must be studying towards part-time food science (BSc Hon) and Technology (B.Tech)
  4. Applicant must have completed Matric
  5. Applicant must be enrolled at a recognized tertiary South African institution
  6. Students with strong academic potential and results will be preferred
  7. One must be a full paid up member of SAAFoST at least 12 months before the application of the bursary

How to apply

The SAAFoST Part-Time Bursary Application Form can be used to apply for the bursary.

Applicants must additionally submit copies of the papers listed below. The SAAFoST will not accept an application if any documents are missing.

Documents Required

  • Certified ID document or passport
  • Up-to-date academic record
  • Passport-sized photo (only head and shoulders)
  • Certified copy of BSc or National Diploma certificate/results
  • A personal statement of 1 page, stating how your education in the field of food science and technology will impact your life and the scientific community
  • Registration proof at the tertiary institution

The following procedures must be used to submit applications:

  1. Email:

Students must email one copy of their application and relevant documents to, the SAAFoST Membership Development Officer.

Students must include the phrase “SAAFoST Part-Time Bursary Application” in the headline of their email.

  1. One must also post a hard copy to:

SAAFoST Membership Development Officer
PO Box 35233
Menlo Park

Additional Information

  1. Students will receive the bursary for 2 academic years provided they complete the course within the stipulated time
  2. Those pursuing B.Tech qualification and BSc Hons must complete their studies within 2 years
  3. The SAAFoST foundation has the right to award a bursary or decline one.
  4. Students in receipt of the bursary must submit a half-yearly report and exam results along with their participation details in the activities of SAAFoST.
  5. If a student fails in a semester/year, terminates the studies, or leaves it incomplete then the bursary will be converted into a repayable loan.
  6. Bursary applications will be reviewed in January and February 2022. Recipients will receive the bursary confirmation in February 2022.


Closing Date

15 January 2022

Contact Details

For any questions about the bursary, students can contact SAAFoST directly.

Telephone: 071 870 2633

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