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The SAAB Scholarship 2022

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SAAB Scholarship

The SAAB Scholarship 2022.

About South African Association of Botanists

The South African Association of Botanists (SAAB) was established in order to promote and advance botany in South Africa. Its goal is to ensure that the status of this industry is supported and sustained in all segments of the population. The organization values diversity and is dedicated to reducing any barriers to professional practice.

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SAAB’s members are from several South African universities, academic and research institutes, and represent a variety of academic botanical fields. In their home institutions, members are actively involved in a variety of botany-related activities.

Students are encouraged to attend the annual congress by the association’s active student organization. Students who attend the SAAB Conference automatically become members of SAAB and get the SAABNet communications for the year in which they attended. SAABnet is the method via which SAAB matters are communicated. Only SAABNet subscribers will be allowed to send and receive emails.

South African Association of Botanists Scholarship

Every year, the South African Association of Botanists awards SAAB Scholarships to SADEC graduates with a grade average of 70% or more. In 2021, three registered students will be awarded R12 000 each for one year of tertiary education at Honours level (or 4th year level of study) in any botanically-related science on a competitive basis.

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This will only be granted to learners who are studying at a South African institution and who are members of SAAB or who are applying to join SAAB. The applicant’s supervisor must be a current SAAB member.

The SAAB scholarship Council also awards one MSc scholarship worth R40 000, which is contingent on the recipient’s academic success. Applicants will get half of their funding in the first year (R20,000) and the other half in the second year, assuming they make good progress in the first year. Applicants must have completed their first year of MSc studies and have a BSc Honours degree with a minimum grade average of 70%. The SAAB scholarship recipient will get a two-year free SAAB membership.

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Requirements and Eligibility

  • South African citizen
  • Graduated with a BSc/MSc  Honours degree with a minimum grade average of 70%
  • Applicants should study in any botanically-related science at a South African institution
  • Should be or apply to become a member of SAAB
  • Supervisor of the student must be a paid-up member of SAAB

How to Apply

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Firstly, Download and fill out the SAAB Bursary Application Form.pdf

Please note that applications that are not attached by the SAAB Bursary Cover Form will be rejected.

Please include all of the following documents with your application form:

  1. Curriculum Vitae with names of two referees
  2. Motivation letter from the applicant’s honours/4th year project supervisor
  3. A certified copy of your academic transcript
  4. One page motivation letter which includes a description of the applicant’s honours/4th year research interests
  5. List of other bursaries/scholarships applied for including bursary amount

Applications should be sent by email (in pdf format) to

Applications for SAAB scholarship received after the deadline will not be considered. By mid-March of the current academic year, successful candidates will be notified.

Closing Date

28 February 2022

Contact Details

Please contact the South African Association of Botanists directly with any questions about this SAAB scholarship program:

Prof Glynis Goodman-Cron


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