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Profiles Of The 2 KNUST Alumni And Only Ghanaians Among 12 Finalists In The 2021 Better Working World Global Challenge

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Franklin Koomson Adjei and Cyndy Amesawu are the only Ghanaians shortlisted among the 12 finalists of the Ernst and Young Better Working World Global Challenge, a challenge that seeks to tap the expertise of students and young data scientists in developing world impact models to solve world problems.

This year’s challenge has tasked participants to develop a fire-edge detection model to combat surging world bushfires. The finals of the challenge will be held today, July 20.

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Below are the profiles of the two Ghanaian finalists:

Franklin Koomson Adjei

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Franklin Adjei is an engineering and science enthusiast who loves puzzles. He is a Petroleum engineering graduate from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. He wishes to build AI technologies to help curb world problems, starting with bushfire outbreaks all over the continent. Franklin is a football fanatic and loves classical and afrobeat music. Currently, Franklin works as a data scientist.

Cyndy Amesawu

Cyndy Amesawu holds a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science. She is currently a Data Scientist and is enthusiastic about exploring the applications of AI in other industries. She is passionate about humanitarian activities and loves to relax to music in her free time.

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You can watch the finals using this link:

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