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Price Of Sachet Water To Shoot Up To ¢0.40 Effective Today Monday

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The price of sachet water is expected to gallop to ¢0. 40 from ¢0. 20 effective today December 27, 2021.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP) has urged its members to see to an upward review of the prices of their products.

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According to a letter signed by the National President, Magnus Nunoo, the Association stated that among other things, sachet water will be sold at 40pesewas, while 500ml bottled water, previously sold at ¢1, will now be sold at ¢1.50.

 “It is recommended that the 500ml bottled water be retailed at ¢1.50, and the 750ml or medium size bottled water be retailed at ¢2.00. In addition, the 1.5L or large bottled water is to be retailed at ¢3.50,” parts of the statement read.

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The Association added, “iced sachet water will be retailed at ¢0.40. A bag of sachet water, 500ml by 30 pieces, will now sell at ¢4.50 from the retail trucks. Mini shops will now retail a bag of sachet at ¢6 per bag minimum.”

The Association stated that this has become necessary due to increase in the cost of inputs, including fuel, vehicle spare parts, and packaging materials, which are mainly imported.

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All members of the Association have been urged to comply with the directive and raise their prices accordingly to ensure uniformity across the country.

See the press release below:

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