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Woman Falls To Death While Attempting The Milk Crate Challenge (Video)

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The past few days have got social media hot due to the new Milk Crate Challenge which many people were willing to try out to test their height climbing prowess, but it has ended unfortunately in the death of a young lady.

The challenge which recently emerged had the likes of Shatta Bundle and several people trying it out at various places across the globe. It appears fun and entertaining, but it has also caused injuries to scores of people who are currently undergoing treatment and has left some dead.

The recent very unfortunate incident is the untimely demise of a young lady who attempted the challenge but could not pull through and died as a result.

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The challenge has since been banned by Tik Tok due to its sensitive nature and the rate of injuries being recorded, Tik Tok does not encourage the use of its brand to promote such stuff that poses danger to lives, they stated. Health professionals have widely condemned the practice of the Crate challenge due to the number of people getting hospitalized on daily basis from it.

The milk crate challenge, also known as the crate challenge, is a video challenge that became viral online in August 2021. The challenge involves stacking milk crates into a triangle/pyramid, with both sides of the pyramid functioning as stairs. The participant is expected to climb up to the top of the pyramid-shaped crates and climb back down without destroying the structure or falling, risking injury

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