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Olamide and 2 others arrested in $1.4m fraud

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Olamide and 2 others arrested in $1.4m fraud by the US FBI.

The three Nigerian youths were arrested after trying to manipulate covid relief fund worth $1.4 million. 

They were arrested with the help of ATM cameras. The money was meant to help jobless people in Arizona, California, North Carolina, and Maryland.

The suspects, identified in court filings as Quazeem Owolabi Adeyinka, 20, Ayodeji Jonathan Sangode, 22, and Olamide Yusuf Bakare, were nabbed last week, with U.S. authorities saying they stole over $2.6 million in bogus unemployment insurance claims.

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The suspected Internet crooks used an address in Hyattsville, Maryland, to rake in about $1.4 million in unemployment benefits from California, Arizona, Maryland, and North Carolina. At least $1.2 million of the theft was received from California’s Employment Development Department alone.

The trio filed about 200 unemployment claims with California’s EDD using a single address on 75th Avenue in Hyattsville, and the department was deceived into approving 97 of the claims, according to a complaint filed by John C. Collins, a special agent with the U.S. Department of Labor.

They were arrested in connection with the fraud while using different addresses and distributing the money through three sources; ATM purchases, transfers and withdrawals in California, Florida and Maryland, sources reveal. ATM withdrawals alone were worth almost $ 1 million, or $ 989,000.

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The Bank of America (BofA) in this regard showed a file indicating that prepaid cards worth more than $ 1.4 million were sent to the addresses of the suspects.

Sangode was captured in Hyundai footage by BofA at the bank’s ATM. The image was linked to his driver’s license.

Adeyinka also, with the help of his Driver’s License was linked to the ATM camera after withdrawing $1,000 at the bank using a debit card. This happened on July 19, 2020.

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On July 5, 2020, someone who looks like Bakare was spotted at BofA withdrawing cash using his debit card. Other withdrawals were done by them in different places.



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