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North West Provincial Government Bursary 2022

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North West Provincial Government Bursary 2022

About North West Provincial Government

The North West Provincial Government is a department of the South African government in charge of the country’s North West Province.

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The province is bordered on the west by Botswana, the north by the Free State, the south by the Free State, and the east by Gauteng.

The region is known as the “Platinum Province” because of its abundance of platinum.

The North West Provincial Government Bursary 2022

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The North West Provincial Government Bursary is motivated by the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) III and the Human Resource Development Strategy for South Africa (HRDSSA) II.

These initiatives aim to improve the residents of South Africa’s North West Province’s skills, allowing them to stand on their own their feet while ultimately improving the economy.

Bursary Coverage

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Registration payments, examination fees, tuition fees, compulsory levies, meals, book prices, and research expenditures are all covered by the North West Provincial Government Bursary 2022 for selected students.

Students with disabilities may be eligible for additional learning fees based on their specific needs.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered eligible for the North West Provincial Government Bursary 2022, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. A South African citizen with a permanent residency in the North West Province is eligible to apply.
  2. Students who have not previously received a bursary from another organization.
  3. Students that have excelled in school.
  4. Students that require financial assistance to pay for their post-secondary education.
  5. The following students are eligible to apply:
  • The students have passed their 12th grade and are applying to colleges and universities for further education.
  • The students are preparing for their 12th-grade exams and intend to apply to tertiary educational institutes.
  • Students who have already enrolled in a colleges and universities institutions.
  • Students who completed their 12th grade in prior years but were unable to enter university owing to financial constraints.

Departments of Study

Applicants must be applying to or enrolled as full-time students in one of the following departments of study at a university in the North West Province:

  1. Department of Public Works & Roads
  2. Department of Agriculture & Rural Development
  3. Department of Arts, Culture, Sports & Recreation
  4. Department of Health
  5. Department of Education
  6. Department of Social Development
  7. Office of the Premier
  8. Department of Economic Development, Environment & Tourism
  9. Department of Human Settlement
  10. Department of Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs
  11. Community Safety & Transport Management
  12. Provincial Treasury

Click this link to read more about the specific programs that a student must be enrolled in in order to apply for the North West Provincial Government Bursary 2022.

How to Apply

Students who meet the aforementioned criteria can apply for the North West Provincial Government Bursary 2022 through one of the following channels:

Apply online

Download the application form, fill out, and upload it on the official website.

Pick up and Submission Offices

You can obtain an application form and submit it to the same office that advertised the program.

The application form is accessible at the following locations:

  1. Office of the Premier at the Bursary, Learnership and Internship Programmes Unit
  2. Traditional Authority Offices
  3. District and local municipal offices
  4. Labour Centres
  5. Provincial departments, a.k.a Head offices
  6. Office of the Premier, Regional Communication Offices – Brits, Bojanala, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, and Dr. Ruth Segomotsi Mompati

Documents Required

Students applying for the North West Provincial Government Bursary 2022 must have the following documentation with them when they submit their application:

  1. For the bursary, a fully filled application form is required.
  2. A document proving the residential address in the North West Province.
    • Applicants residing in villages – should be a letter from Traditional Authority Offices
    • Applicants residing in towns, townships, or farm areas should be a letter from their Municipality Office.
  3. A certified copy of their student ID.
  4. A copy of their 12th Grade results and their Matric Certificate.
  5. Students already enrolled in a university must submit a copy of their recent academic results.
  6. Students who are not enrolled in a university must send a copy of their university acceptance letter. If a student doesn’t have an acceptance letter yet, they can apply with all other documents first and then send their acceptance letter on or before 7th January 2022.
  7. Proof of Guardians’ income documents
  8. Students with disabilities must attach their medical certificates.


Closing Date

The deadline for applications for the North West Provincial Government Bursary 2022 is January 7, 2022.

It is vital to highlight that incomplete applications and those received after the deadline will not be considered.

If applicants do not hear from the relevant authorities within four months after the deadline, their applications was rejected.

Contact Details

If you have any queries about the North West Provincial Government Bursary 2022, you may reach out to the bursary sponsors at:

Office of the Premier
Tel: 018 3881212 / 018 3881308/ 018 3881259 / 018 3881207 / 018 3881510

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