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MzVee claps back at George Britton for saying she is weak

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Female musician, MzVee has lambasted George Britton for saying that her come back is weak.

George Britton who is also into artiste managing stated sometime that, because MzVee left the musical scene for a while due to depression has failed due to her weak comeback.

However MzVee speaking in an exclusive interview on Star Fm stated confidently that it is George Britton who is rather weak.

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According to her, George is weak due to the fact, he failed to do much for his own artistes .

“I am surprised because he tried to work with me just recently. He has had two artistes and has not been able to do much for them,” she stated.
MzVee went ahead to aver how she has been able to stand tall and what she has been able to achieve after her comeback.

“You know what’s sad about this comment he made? Is that a woman could come out of all of these, to stand on her own two feet, shoot four very expensive and amazing videos to very amazing songs, and come to this point”.

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It’s not easy for anyone to do this and he sits down, behind his computer and writes that my comeback is weak. He is weak for saying that. He’s very weak for saying that,” she jabbed.

“You don’t see this, honestly speaking. This is why the industry is going the way it is going, that is why so many girls when they leave their record label then they just call into some space because they can’t move on their own and it is because of the people like George Britton and the comment that he just made about me. Is it easy to do what I am doing, I swear”, she elaborated .


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