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Moreplex Company Organizes Farewell Ceremony To Mark The End Of Internship For Its Cherished First Cohort Of Interns

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Moreplex Company in a colorful manner bid farewell to its first cohort of interns at a ceremony as their tenure of internship came to an end, Friday, November 2021.

The company recruited its first batch of interns in early October last month. They were set to be taken through a number of skills training in line with the company’s commitment to contribute immensely to the development of young people.

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Indeed, the tremendous transformation and learning done by interns could not be hidden as it was evident in the alacrity with which they spoke and the unending thanksgiving messages poured out by interns to management.

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The first batch of interns of the company were taken through a number of skills trainings where they learned from varied fields such as; content creation/blogging, social media management, digital marketing, graphic designing, and equipment design.

Present at the ceremony were the CEO of Moreplex, Mr. Prince Baffour Adjei, and the HR Manager, Mr. Stephen Abuakwah.

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The CEO, admonished interns to be all-around learners and know that learning goes beyond what is studied within the classroom. He further stressed that in the corporate world whereas good academic records may be important, of much greater relevance is what the individual can offer rather than academic grades.

Mr. Stephen Abuakwah on the other hand enjoined the exiting interns to continue to be good ambassadors of the company and continue to build upon whatever they have learned in the company during their internship period.

The interns were also offered certificates in recognition for their efforts and contribution to the company’s growth.

Moreplex Company provides organic-based hair and skin care products using local raw materials and agricultural waste tailored to the needs of customers. They offer 70% of their service through a built integrated web platform with artificial intelligence (AI), e-learning, and e-commerce functionalities that allows their customers to interact, take courses in basic chemical formulation and purchase at the comfort of their homes.

They are the producers of shower gel, bathing bar soap, toilet cleaners, mobbing air freshners, shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, hair creams, and many others.

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