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Meet The Cancer Survivor Who Is Now A Chevening Scholar At The University of Birmingham

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The term ‘disabled’ exists only in the mind, it has no place in the life of a determined, hardworking person who sees no reason to give up but to continue to press on till they get results. This is true for the story of Chaikhwa Nani Lobatse, a young amputated Botswana nurse and Chevening scholar.

Despite life taking a different and unexpected turn for her in 2013, she has proven to be worthy and capable of achieving greater goals and making strides in life. Chaikhwa Nani Lobatse, got her leg amputated to avoid complications after she contracted cancer in 2013.

The amputation came with tough challenges but she surmounted all and could perhaps be seen as the next Hellen Keller in the United States who defied every odd to become a phenomenal personality in the US despite being deaf and blind.  

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In a LinkedIn post, She said, “It’s with great pleasure to announce that I have been selected as a chevener 2021/22 to study MSc Clinical Oncology at University of Birmingham, UK from September 2021.

Its been an emotional and life changing journey, starting with the 2013 Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) diagnosis that culminated in the above knee amputation of my left leg to stop the cancer spread, which was followed by months of chemotherapy and its side effects.
But as the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”…I not only consider myself a cancer survivor but an activist fighting for other patients through my work as a nurse.
Months after starting the chevening application I was awarded this prestigious scholarship on my first attempt..Thanks to the Chevening Awards for the opportunity.
becoming an oncology nurse specialist.”

Prior to winning the Chevening program, she also had the following qualifications: graduate from the Francistown Institute of Health Sciences in 2013, she went to Georgia State University to study Public Management. She also went to the University of South Africa for a Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science and later, a certificate in HIV/AIDS care and counseling from the same school.

The story of Chaikhwa Nani Lobatse is undoubtedly an inspiring one and it challenges others in her situation to wake up and make things happen. Disability cannot be equated to inability.

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