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Kuami Eugene Biography and everything you need to know about him

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When it comes to High-life in the Ghanaian music industry, Kuami Eugene is a name to reckon with.  

He was born Eugene Kwame Marfo but is widely known in the music industry as Kuami Eugene.

Kuami Eugene Age

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He was born on the 1st of February 1997. He is years of age.[2019]

Kuami Eugene Hometown

He hails from Akim Oda in the eastern region of Ghana. He stays in a two-bedroom rented apartment at Achimota, Accra.

Kuami Eugene Girlfriend

The singer/songwriter/producer has been rumored to be in a relationship with so many beautiful ladies in the country, some of which are in the music industry.

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Mzvee, AhuofePatri, Wendy Shay were among a few speculated to have gone out with the rockstar

However, there are no solid indications that the artist is in any relationship. Eugene has on a few occasions indicated that he prefers older women to younger ones.

Kuami Eugene Parents

Mr. Alex Marfo and Mrs. Julian Marfo are the parents of the young artist.
The mother supports his music and the Eugene has most occasions celebrated her.

Kuami Eugene Career

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Kuami Eugene appeared on the music scene in Ghana when he contested in season 5 of the MTN Hit maker reality show in Ghana in the year 2016.

He performed exceptionally but bagged the second runner up position.

He was signed onto lynx entertainment shortly after the show and has since been making waves in the music industry.

One of his hit singles Angela reached a million views on YouTube which was the first for any artist on Lynx Entertainment record label in 2017.

In 2018, he released another hit single Confusion was received a lot of criticism from the public because it was alleged he plagiarized the lyrics.

In response to the allegation and heavy criticism on social media platforms, the talented artist released another banger “Wish me Well” which made waves all over the country.

He has performed on a lot of platforms in the country and outside.

Some of which are Sarkodie’s Rapperholic Concert, Ghana Music Honours, December to Remember, S Concert among others.

Kuami Eugene Net-Worth

The rockstar’s net worth is estimated to be between $100k – $1M. His income comes from his music career.

He recently signed an ambassadorial deal with Itel mobile Ghana. This deal is expected to fetch a lot of cash for the artist.

Kuami Eugene Awards

He has bagged quite a number of Awards since he came on the music scene, some of which are Highlife Act of the year at the 3Music Awards 2019, Highlife Song of the year for “Wish me well” at the same 3Music Awards night.

In 2018, he won the Vodafone Music for Award for Highlife Artist of the year, Best New Artist among others.

Kuami Eugene Instagram

On Instagram, he is known as @kuamieugene

Kuami Eugene Twitter

He’s known on twitter as @KuamiEugene

Kuami Eugene Facebook

His name on Facebook is Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene Snapchat

Username for the Angela hitmaker’s snapchat account is @kuamieugene.

Kuami Eugene Latest Songs

The Rockstar has quite a number of hit songs. Among them are Wish me well, Confusion, Angela, Fadama boy, Ebeyeyie, Adwenfi, Rockstar among others.




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