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KNUST Medical Student, Rita Abodoh’s Right leg Amputated Despite A Successful Surgery

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Fourth-year medical student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Rita Abodoh has been reportedly amputated on the right leg after a thorough diagnosis by the team of doctors.

According to a statement signed by the General Secretary and President of the Medical Students Association of KNUST, the prescription by the team of doctors was to enable the healing of Rita’s bladder because the tumour has affected her bladder also.

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The statement further revealed that, the decision to amputate Rita’s leg was part of interventions concerning with the flow of blood into the lower end of the leg foot and limbs.

Rita Abodoh

Read the full statement from KNUST MSA

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Our trust is in the name of the Lord, maker of heaven and of earth…

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We have all been praying for Rita in the past several weeks, following her major surgery to remove an aggressive tumour in her right pelvic groin which had affected her pelvic bone.

We again reported to you of the successful surgery that removed the tumour and placed a prosthesis in place of the the affected pelvic bone.

Thereafter, Rita has been at the ICU of UGMC (where the surgery was performed) all this while.

There had been need for various interventions because the tumour affected her bladder also, and after the surgery there had been concerns with blood flow into the lower end of the leg foot and limbs.

A thorough diagnosis by the team of doctors prescribed amputation of the leg and diversion of urine to enable the bladder heal.

These have been done yesterday and we deem it appropriate to bring to your notice as follows, that:

  1. Rita’s right leg has been amputated under the knee, about halfway between the knee and ankle.
  2. Intervention to divert her urine through tubes so her bladder can heal .

We thank you for your continued support in prayers. Rita’s life is full of testimonies and through her, God will draw souls for His glory. We declare that she will pull through to fulfill her purpose for which her maker brought her into this world, Amen.
The MSA would seek your continuous support in prayers

This information was obtained from Rita’s father.

Signed… 🖊️



Early this year, Ghanaians came together to save the life of a medical student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).
Rita Ajoa Tawaiah Abodoh, who is a fourth-year medical student at KNUST needed GHS 1 million to pay for her medical bills.
She was diagnosed with a malignant tumour on her right pelvic bone.

The doctors had proposed a surgery where they would remove the affected pelvic bone and replace it with a prosthesis.
The 150,000 Euros surgery was too expensive for her family and as a result, they resorted to crowdfunding and asking people for help.
Once again, Ghanaians showed up with their cape ready to perform heroic act and they did.
Rita got her money and went through her surgery process successfully.
However further ailment has resulted in the amputation of her right leg to avoid a damage of her bladder

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