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John Mahama Must Stop Being Lenient – Dennis Akowuah Writes

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The NPP has taken advantage of the calmness of his excellency John Dramani Mahama as his weakness. They’re always peddling lies and falsehood against him.

Most Ghanaians also fall for this lies because they hardly get time to read about national issues.The Npp thinks most Ghanaians are gullible they know lies always travel faster than the truth so they will do anything in their capacity to make John Mahama and the NDC unpopular.

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The handlers of John Mahama should always be active and bring out a disclaimer to deny any allegations that will be said about him. Recently youths of this country had a demonstration and talked about their plights and problems confronting them and again demanded accountability from this Akuffo Addo Bawumia goverment.

People fabricated lies which was able to go viral and it sunk in the ears of some Ghanainans that the covernors of the #Fix The Country demonstration took some amount of money from John Mahama so they’re just working for him.

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Most of us knew this allegations were not factual just a single disclaimer could have denied this but there wasn’t any. Mr.Mahama himself denied these allegations on his thank you tour while he could have done that earlier.

These lies work; it worked for them in 2016. That is the hallmark of the NPP, they are chronic liars. As TEIN members and people of the NDC, I urge everyone to have an eye on this kind of issue. We should be able to defend our party and save our beloved country from this corrupt and nepotistic goverment coming 2024. I urge eveyone to contribute their quota to the development of our party and again help to rekindle the spirit of the NDC so we can attain power in 2024.

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God Bless Our Motherland Ghana
Long Live The NDC


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