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JHS Girl Who Studied Under Streetlights For 2 Years Gets Support From Twitter Good Samaritans

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By Chieka Kasimpu

Just as people from rich homes seek to attain good education and progress in life, the less privileged Christabel also seeks same, but how?

Nature has not been fair as we all know. While some people are rich and indeed extremely rich, others are struggling and wallowing in poverty.
Hundreds and thousands of promising people have had their dreams shut due to poverty.

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This was almost the case for the young and brilliant Christabel who have had to read under street lights for two good years to prepare towards her final year exams (BECE) while her colleagues are in the nicest of mansions.

The turning point has however been reached as the young lady fortunately got noticed by one Owusu Michael who has observed the lady and got touched by the efforts she put in her studies despite being less endowed, he has put a smile on her face as well as the parents.

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Many people have contributed to changing the life of Christabel and the family through cash donations after Owusu Michael shared the girl’s story on Twitter. He has been able to raise a GHS 1,944 to support and change their life for good.

The mother of the young girl has thanked all those who have donated to support her daughter.

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We can now confidently say that the greatest hurdle to the achievement of the dreams of young Christabel has been taken off.

Thank you to all who donated to help Christabel and her family, God bless you. There is always joy in giving, and it feels good to be a part of someone’s smile.

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