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I Was Sacked From The Company Because I Am An Asthmatic Patient – Young Lady Cries

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The need for employers to have compassion for their employees and treat them as humans cannot be overemphasized.

A young lady who got recruited barely weeks ago has come back crying after she had been sacked from the job because she could not attend to company duties due to ill health.

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In a lengthy LinkedIn post, the lady who is identified as, Abena Pokua Oti-Akenteng narrated her ordeal as follows:

She said, “Just about a week ago, I posted on this platform how I got a job offer from an interview that came through successfully last two weeks. Truth be told after getting that job accommodation became a very serious headache because I lived all the way in Winneba and had no family in Accra.

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 I was determined to make it work so I perched with an old family friend at kasoa which is quite the distance to work but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make. Let me say this before I continue, that when I got the interview date for this particular job I went online to read a lot about them and saw quite some negative reviews that seemed to outweigh the positives in terms of management and how employees were treated but I didn’t pay any attention to it because they were reviews from outside Ghana so I felt that doesn’t count.

Unfortunately for me I am dealing with refractory Asthma so too many movements don’t favor me a lot of times. I leave kasoa by 5am and get to work by 6:15am, sit outside infront of a shop until 8:30-9 therebout for the person who has the key to the office to arrive before I can go in. I close and get home around 8 or sometimes 9 depending on traffic situations and then the cycle continues. Even though it was my first week I hadn’t yet been given any appointment letter and salary was passively discussed in passing during the interview. I had to share an office with the head nurse where if she has to do some interviews or had visitors I needed to step out for her.

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Calls I had to place outside on behalf of the company to other companies were done on my own credit/airtime. I tried to contribute intelligently during meetings held and was always up to date with daily assignments given. Long story short, on Friday after I closed from work, I got a car really late and unfortunately it rained a bit shortly after I got the car. On our way I had an attack with the asthma and my inhaler was proving futile. As it got bad I had to get down and one of the passengers rushed me to a nearby hospital. In the morning my mum had to rush from winneba to come pick me home to continue my treatment where she could also keep an eye.

I was so sad, and angry with myself for falling sick as if it was my fault all because I didn’t want to disappoint the new job I had. The next day my mum placed a call to the CEO informing her about what had happened and as a result my inability to show up for work Monday being today and my CEO asked if that meant I won’t be coming to the job again. My mum told her she can’t say for sure because she had to hear what the doctor will advise but for today I can’t show up. I woke up this morning only to find out on our page a voice note that officially terminated my job at the place with no consolations whatsoever.

 No one even reaching out to find out how I was faring. Just like that, officially I’m no longer with them, I said nothing and just exited the work platform. I’m hurt and in pain even more than the physical pain I’m going through.”

This situation is pretty much unfortunate

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