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I Need Money To Revive The Aboso Glass Factory – Samuel Obeng Badu

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Samuel Obeng Badu, a final year Social Work student in the University of Ghana is a hard working and a dynamic leader who aims “to become an eye and hope of Africa someday”.

Samuel said he supports “the youth of this country because he is of the conviction that a lot of ideas have been gathered by the youth and when given the opportunity, they can make a meaningful impact in the country.”

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He has authored articles and write ups including, ‘Improve Prison Conditions for Prisoners, Prisons are not Graveyard”, “Enough of the party manifestos” and many others.

The young man who describes himself as a self-motivated person is “pleading with the general public to come together so we revive the Aboso glass Factory that have been left in the bush for the betterment of the youth in this country.”

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He said that on 5th February 1966 Dr. Kwame Nkrumah commissioned the Aboso glass factory.
It is called the Aboso glass factory because it was located in Aboso a town near Tarkwa in the western region of Ghana.

Census in 1984 states indicates that inhabitants at the time were 4,700.
This factory became one of the vibrant companies that manufactured and supplied glasses and bottles in Ghana.

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The factory then, employed about 500 Ghanaians in its early operations.

If the factory by then employed about 500 then the truth must be told that, if we are to revive it today, about 1,000 Ghanaian youth will get work to do, Samuel says.

He stated that in a situation where we are in hardship now, in a situation where lots of Ghanaian youth are not getting jobs to do, I think there is a need for that factory to be revived with immediate effect.

I” know we will need huge sums of money to revive it, I also know that Ghana is having that money that will be needed in reviving it.

“There is no time to waste, we the youth in Ghana need this factory and other factories Nkrumah built to be revived with immediate effect.

“I will be very glad if Ghanaian investors and other big men that have money and even the general public will come together to contribute the little they can so we revive that particular factory for future betterment.

The factory belongs to we Ghanaians and not any political party, and if revive it today, we do so for our own good as youth of this country. The earlier the better. I mean no harm; I stand for the youth and future betterment,” he said.

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