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How Kumerica Started Trending Finally Told

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‘Kumerica’  the new name of Kumasi has been trending within the Ghanaian social media space for some days now.

In the midst of trolls, posts and commentaries about it, some musicians in Kumasi, capital of the Ashanti Region seized the opportunity to compose songs by using the now popular term ‘Kumerica’.

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Though it has been trending for a couple of days now, many people do not know how it all started

If you are among the people who do not know how it started, kindly read this piece .

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We cannot control what happens to us. But we verily have enormous control over how we choose to respond to the apples and lemons thrown our way by life.

Have you heard of Kumerica? Voila.

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Kumerica started as a jab at the Kumasi people (Asantes). You would see a beautiful photo of a portion of America juxtaposed with an obviously lower class Kumasi version. That was such a cool upper cut. We all laughed. We ridiculed them.

If this had been another city or especially tribe, we would have seen the myrmidons of victimhood mentality blowing vuvuzelas in midday sun, verbally smearing hot choleric bile all over these streets and telling us all how this is another attempt to brand them as foreigners, not Ghanaians

But what did Kumasi do? Cry victim? Cry tribalism? never. They rather owned the jab. They joined the trolls. Then they took over, and turned it into pride. They named suburbs of Kumasi after states in America. They compared monuments, artists, actors, sports teams, delicacies, and even prostitutes with pride—even when one was obviously more sophisticated. As I speak to you, Lord Kenya is the Kanye West of Kumerica

And there’s a simple rap composed to seal the deal.

Trust me, they’ll soon start producing Kumerica branded T-shirts, sneakers, face towels and other paraphernalia.

That which was to be shameful has been “transmogrified” into that which extols. That which should have been provocative has now become ostentatious.

That which was to boil their menses has become an economic avenue.

This is actually the nature of any typical Kumasi person. They are indomitable. “Kum apem a apem bɛba”. You can’t beat them in a troll battle. Forget it. They are patriotic and proud of their heritage. They own their “weaknesses” with pride. Ridicule them with their “R” and “L” substitutions and see. Instead of getting angry, they’ll proudly tell you English isn’t their mother tongue. Tell them they have turned the Kumasi Mall into a local market and chop bar, they’ll tell you it is their mall customized to their own taste. They are just awesomely immune to insecurity.

Before ending, let me tickle your imagination a bit. Assume the ol’ outspoken man, Trump, hears about this and just makes a Kumerica tweet. Heey, we won’t have oxygen to breathe in this country. Kumasi people will go round jabbing us all in pride.

Then others will shift into automatic fifth gear victim-hood mode again, creating stories that only exist in their imaginations. What they will forget is that the people they are envying are a people who are reaping fruits of their confidence and resilient industriousness.

Today, I have a little message for you: GET THEE THE KUMASI MENTALITY. Learn to look out for the best ways to respond to life so as to better on your own lot. Learn to see a joke for what it is. Embrace your shortcomings, and learn to turn them into strengths.

Stop crying about lemons being bitter when you can make lemonade out of them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Now, at this juncture, I am glad to present to you all…

United States of Asante (USA),





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