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How I Spent Only Ghs 6,000 On My Wedding – Lady Tells How She Did It

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Wedding ceremonies these days have become an culture where people spend a lot. It mostly becomes a challenge on people getting married because they think society expects a lot from them. A lady explains how she spent 6k on her small intimate wedding.

In a post sighted on twitter, the lady expresses her expenditure in a thread.

My plan was organized, I had a to do list, what I needed to do, when I sorted it out, I checked it off my list.
Our original plan was to have a small office wedding with 50 people in attendance including us, Covid came to make that even smaller, it was perfect

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“Here’s what I cut cost on

MY DRESS/VEIL: Someone dear to me offered her wedding dress to me before I even figured out what style I wanted. I’m a vintage soul, and when I saw her dress, and the idea of wearing someone else’s dress was so vintage to me, it was perfect.

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A few alterations @adjodede of Alfie Designs kindly did for free for me and it was perfect.

Bought hair and went to a salon, instructed the stylist on how to do a French bob and cut it myself. I wanted very minimal makeup, I bought makeup,and learnt how to do it. Thank you Jackie A. Did my makeup myself, for all my shoots too. I got to keep my makeup too.

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I got nice artificial flowers at Orca for half price(c64)I was going to do it myself using YouTube,but the lady who did my lunch decor offered to do it for me,for free.
Bouquets are ridiculously expensive for something you use for 1 day. Unique floral was not worth it I beg.

I found I didn’t need it, especially in a pandemic, I had my few friends around and that was enough for me
I also know bridesmaids sometimes will pay for their own stuff but anyway that burden wasn’t on any of my friends

People are truly your resource.

SHOES:My dear @Maame_Afya bought my shoes.I chose simple white Zara shoes,didn’t go for the obvious wedding shoe,wanted something I could easily wear after.

Before Covid-19 we planned for a small dinner with 20 people,we would have given wedding favors from my business @LorraineStitch for our 50 guests.
Covid came n we were blessed to have a small reception catering for 20 planned for us in a beautiful home

I baked my cake, as a baker on @LorraineStitch I was eager to take the challenge n it saved me lots of money. For people who can’t bake a cake, you can have a baker make a simple rustic cake, but don’t say it’s for a wedding, once you mention wedding, price.

NO INVITATION CARD/PROGRAM: Invitations were e invites, Tom did it himself, and we didn’t even need an e program.
I get those things are nice but frankly speaking e no need.
People just throw them away at the end of the day.

I didn’t want to compromise on quality photos, so I contacted an old friend @AframReuben and asked him how much he’d charge, he was kind enough to say he’ll work with my budget, for old times sake. Link to see some photos 👇He’s so good.

My husband’s good friend was our MC.
I created a program for the small reception which we followed and he did a really good job.
Music was operated by another friend at the reception using some good iTunes Playlists.

One thing I’ll advise is also advertise your wedding. Tell your friends, your parents’ friends, suggest to them to give gifts in cash via momo, that’s how you make a profit.
We are still in a pandemic, it’s a good excuse to have a small wedding and let everyone else join online.”

The truth is, not many people can have a really small wedding, too many people involved like mothers Lets do our best to cut the cost off our wedding and try not to do things above our limits which can incur in high costs and debts after the wedding.

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