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“He Had A Vasectomy To Protect His Money” – Young Lady Narrates How She Married An Occultist

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Marriage can be fun and lovely for some people but for others, it ends wrongly and in tears. This holds true for the story of a lady who married a man who she enjoyed and loved so much until things took a different turn when she got to know the man was an occultist as captured in MX24’s Broken Pen Series.

In an advisory note, she said, “Young ladies, let me take this opportunity to urge you all to drastically scrutinize your men, know his ins and outs, his past and ambitions and, and most importantly, get to know how religious or unreligious he is, before accepting their proposal. My unbroken pen story should serve as a case study on your journey to marriage.

“We met at the independence square in 2017 at the Greater Works Summit. He gave me a ride, as there was mad traffic in town that night. We exchanged numbers when I alighted and that was the beginning of our fairytale.

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“I was madly in love with him, he was almost perfect. Joseph never faulted in any way while we dated, never did he get mad at me. He was always so calm, collected, organized, and mature about everything. What made him even more attractive was the fact that he was a businessman and never played with his work. He owns two estates in Kumasi and has invested in several businesses. Aside the fact that he’s a good person, I always knew I was going to be comfortable with him.”

She continued, saying, “He popped the question on a private yacht the following year. I thought it was too early though, but that rock he put on my finger exonerated any doubts in my mind. It was a diamond ring, which sparkled more than anything I had seen in this world. That moment right there, till date, still stands as the happiest day in my life. We spent that whole night on the yacht talking about our future plans together. ‘How many kids would you love to have?’ I asked jokingly. ‘It’s too early to think about kids right now. Let’s just get married and shag every day until we are tired, then we can think of kids and all the trouble they bring.’ We laughed it off and kissed throughout the night.

“Two years into our marriage and I started asking some questions. Though Joseph wasn’t in favor of us having kids immediately, I was down for the responsibility. I mean, I was turning 33 years old, and getting pregnant at that age would have been ideal for me. I secretly visited my fertility clinic nearby once in a while. ‘Everything is fine with you. Just have some patience, you’ll get pregnant soon.’ These were the doctor’s same words every time I visited the clinic. Joe and I were having frequent sex, even more frequent than we used to, so it was all just not making any sense to me as to why I was not getting pregnant.

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“Our trip to New York was in three days and we had to start packing up. Joe was taking me there for Christmas holidays. I started to pack up for some of our clothes while Joe was out to run some errands. And to my amazement, while searching through his things, I found some documents which I noticed were from the same fertility clinic that I always visited. I opened up the last envelope when I saw my doctor’s signature on it. I started to get chills immediately. ‘What in the name of the Lord will my husband be doing with my doctor that I had no idea about?’-I thought.

“It contained a receipt of a vasectomy operation done on Joseph, two weeks before our wedding date in 2019.

“Joseph came home to meet a broken, distraught, crying wife, on the floor right in front of the staircase, with a paper in hand. I cried even louder when I saw him ran up to me. I slapped the paper on his face with the rage. ‘How dare you do this to me Joseph! You have deceived me all throughout our marriage. Explain this to me! Or lemme rather say, lie to me! Lie to me now! Lie to me as you’ve been doing all these years! You Liar!’

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“He took the sheet of paper and shook his head in shame. He then sat down next to me, looking forward with a stern look on his face, and said, ‘baby, I’m sorry but I had to do what I did. I had no choice. You were so obsessed with having children I had to take that bold step.

“His words got me pissed off. I felt so insulted. But just before I could raise my hand to give him a slap, he shouted at me – ‘how did you think I amassed all this wealth? Huh? Tell me baby! A 33 year old owning these things: all these cars, all these houses, all these expensive trips, your expensive lifestyle, how did you think I was able to afford and keep up the lifestyle?’ – I felt confused at that point. ‘But what has your riches got to do with your vasectomy? Stop trying to change the subject you dirty liar! You have been caught, just start explaining and cut the rubbish!’ I uttered.

“That was when he dropped the bombshell – ‘What I’m trying to tell you here is that, I made a pact with an occult group which I’m still a member of, never to father any kids, whether biologically or not, as a trade for my wealth. I made a promise with blood, never to have any kids, where mine or adopted, I will either go mad or die if I’m to break this promise. So stop with all this and let’s move on with our lavish lives. I have given you the world. Let’s enjoy it please.’

“I could feel my soul leaving my body. I felt light all of a sudden, and a sudden cold sensation came over me. I could not utter a word. He stood up to leave but stopped halfway, and said with a smile on his face, he turned and said, ‘and please don’t try and file for a divorce, I have spilled enough blood in this life.”



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