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Ghanaians Not World 2nd Leading ‘Pono’ Viewers – Joynews Journalist Debunks Claims

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Joy News Journalist, Israel Laryea, has debunked claims made by some news websites that, Ghana ranks second in the tall list of top countries watching porn content.

The past week has been occupied with conversations fueled by the information released by PornHub, a site that showcases nude and illicit sexual content.

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The site had claimed that Ghana has come second after Nigeria as one of the leading countries worldwide noticed to be soaked with the desire to patronize the BBW category of what is known locally as ‘blue films’. 

According to the data, Nigeria took a comfortable lead by sitting in the first position followed by Ghana in 2nd, and Kenya being in the third position.

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This also suggests that, interestingly, Ghana ranks ahead of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, and many developed countries.

This has, however, been challenged by a veteran news anchor with JoyNews, Israel Laryea. He argued that, given the fact that Ghanaians are not relatively many on the internet, and also a country with poor internet connectivity compared to some developed areas like the US and UK, it couldn’t have been possible to surpass these nations with all these challenges.

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He further argued that the rankings in which Ghana took a leading position was with respect to a particular category of porn materials; BBW.

Data published did indicate that Ghana and some West African nations topped the list of those who search for this category of porn materials, but that does not put Ghana ahead of other countries in terms of the viewing of general Porn materials.

He stressed that, in the porn website’s 2019 Year in Review, the US tops the list of countries, followed by Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, and France in that order.

The arguments raised by him hopefully put the matter to rest, until the blogs provide any evidence to the contrary.

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