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Frank Owusu Highlights Accomplishments In His First-Semester Campaign

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Part one (1)
Master Frank Owusu, a hopeful KNUST SRC President has given a firm indication of some accomplishments chopped in his campaign trail for the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic year.

According to him, his advocacy has brought smiles to the good students of KNUST despite few hitches during his campaign trail.

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Starting with the fourth year medicine student, Rita Adjoa Abodoh, who needed financial support to undertake a pelvic tumour operation, Master Frank Owusu made an undisclosed sum of cash donation to the Medical Students Association in support of Rita’s fundraising campaign.
Rita Abodo has successfully undergone the pelvic tumour operation and is currently doing well.
Frank Owusu in his quest of helping students during the mid-semester examination petitioned the SRC President and its executives to ease movement restrictions on campus. In the petition, Frank suggested that mini shuttles should be dispatched to operate 24hrs to transport students who study late into the night to their various hostels. Security measures were also suggested in his petition to help combat crimes during the season.
On Academics, Master Frank uploaded Communication Skills and Statistics video tutorials on YouTube to help first years in their preparation for the mid-semester exams.
Other accomplishments included a petition to the SRC to extend the deadline of Kingdom Books and Stationery Bursary, the celebration of International Women’s Day which was followed by an IWD challenge.
The IWD challenge according to Master Frank Owusu served as an extra megaphone to echo the rights of females and to join in challenging female students scale every barrier.

Part two (2)

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Massively welcome by several students was the Frank Owusu initiative to light up off-campus. The Initiative was a campaign effort to combat rampant robbery cases off-campus due to poor lighting system at certain parts of off-campus. The campaign saw Frank Owusu donates streets lights to Ayeduase/Kotei assemblyman to help light up off-campus.
In the latter of the first semester, Master Frank Owusu also made a kind donation to the Muslim society of KNUST, GMSA. The donation included 300 bags of sachet water and bates of fruits.
Finally on his tall list of achievements was a third petition to the SRC welfare Chairperson to allow students who wish to stay back during the two weeks break to be allowed.
According to Master Frank Owusu, despite the solid achievements, there are still challenges facing the good students of KNUST that need to be addressed of which he looks forward to champion in the coming days.

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