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For Coloured Girls Bursary 2022

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For Coloured Girls Bursary

The For Coloured Girls Bursary

About For Coloured Girls

For Coloured Girls is one of many non-profit organizations in South Africa that strives to improve the lives of coloured young girls. It aims to help girls aged 8 to 12 succeed academically.

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Geraldine Engelman, a woman of color with over 20 years of senior leadership experience, launched the organization. It was formed by her and other accomplished black community members who have encountered hurdles unique to people of color.

They hope to empower the young ladies in the community and provide assistance during their academic years by working together. Individual donors sponsor For Coloured Girls because they wish to help make a difference.

For Coloured Girls Bursary 2022

Every year, the For Coloured Girls organization helps a set number of young girls who do not have access to learning materials. It gives career counseling and psychological help to all eligible candidates in addition to monetary advantages.

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It is seeking applications from girls aged 8 to 12 years old for the academic year 2022. Once you’ve been accepted into the program, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Financial aid
  • Psychological aid
  • Mentorship
  • Access to learning and development initiatives

Tuition, stationery, books, and uniforms will all be covered by the financial aid.

Within 30 days after the closing date, applicants will get notification of their application. For final selection, shortlisted girls may be required to attend interviews or psychometric tests. More information will be sent to you via email.

Eligibility Criteria

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You must meet the eligibility requirements to be considered for the Coloured Girls bursary program. The organization creates these in order to find qualified people. Please do not apply for the bursary if you do not match any of the following criteria:

  • Must be a female
  • Must be ethnically a person of colour
  • Must be currently a high school student in Grade 8 to 12
  • Must have a willingness to learn and study further

Even if you meet all of the criteria, you may not be chosen. For Coloured Girls will make the final choice on the selection.

How to Apply?

You must complete the application process to be considered for the For Coloured Girls Bursary 2022. It’s an online procedure that shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to finish. However, you must exercise caution to prevent committing mistakes. Submissions that are incorrect or incomplete are discarded.

To begin the application process, you must fill out the For Coloured Girls Bursary 2022 online application form.

There are four components to the form, and you must complete all of them. The first section is all about you and your contact information. The second section is about your educational background. You must submit information about your parents/guardians in the third section. The final section is the essay, in which you must compose an essay on the provided topic. It is critical to respond to the questions marked with an asterisk (*).

Documents Required

Along with the form, you must submit and attach the following documents:

  • Proof of latest results (in the second part)
  • An essay detailing why you want to participate in this bursary programme (in the fourth part) (write briefly on how the course structure will benefit you, what you expect from the programme, and how you plan to apply the knowledge gained from this tenure)

Students who pass the first round will be invited to a second round before being considered for the bursary program.


Closing Date

The application period for the For Coloured Girls Bursary 2022 is currently open, and the deadline to apply is February 25, 2022. It is strongly advised that you submit your application as soon as feasible.

Contact Details

Contact the bursary provider at: for additional information about the scholarship program;

  • Telephone – 064 020 8709
  • Email –

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