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#FixTheCountryNow: Is Mahama Vindicated?

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In the heat of the 2020 elections, former President John Dramani Maham who doubled as the flagbearer of the largest opposition party in the country(NDC) made this statement; ‘The economy has collapsed. It is the worst economy in the 4th Republic.’

Such statements can be easily qualified as politically motivated on the grounds of the personality behind the statement. However, today young men and women across social media networks in the country are protesting vehemently about the same thing.

Nonetheless, the cry of young men and women is not merely about the current administration’s abysmal performance. It is a heart-cry from young people who have adamantly observed repeated patterns of huge promises and yet grand compromises of political parties when they ascend onto the highest seat of authority over the land.

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Many do not get the whole idea behind the #FixTheCountryNow concept when they start pointing fingers at other political parties when they should be doing the work. The message of the youth is simple, the government in power must sit up and cause substantial changes in policies to increase the standard of living for Ghanaians.

Although the message may seem like an address to the current administration, it is actually a writing on the wall for posterity to know that future political decisions will not be based on how well the opposition is able to smear the incumbent as black. Rather it will be informed by how well a party agilely smears out a lucrative plan for Ghana’s growth.

So back to the question of this article, Is Mahama Vindicated? If you have a definite answer to this question you need to go back and re-read this article.

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