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#FixTheCountry Trends Number 2 Worldwide on Twitter

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The #FixTheCountry originating from the youth in Ghana has topped worldwide twitter trends today. Currently, the hashtag is Number 2 worldwide.

#FixTheCountry is a call by the youth to Ghanaian politicians, both NPP and NDC to work together to fix the mess that the country is in. The youth in Ghana are essentially saying that they’re tired of the rhetoric by politicians and they want action.

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The hashtag was started by social media influencer popularly known as Kaly Jay, his twitter handle @gyaigyimii.

The hashtag is to highlight some of the problems Ghanaians are facing and to come up with solutions for them. These highlights include; dumsor, increment of taxes, poor development, inflation, unemployment, etc.

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The trends started only yesterday and already it has gained over 200K retweets. The trend has already been picked up by some celebrities and TV stations.

MetroTV has already interviewed Kaly Jay and asked of the reason behind the tweet.

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