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#FixTheCountry Takes A New Turn; Social Media Users are Directly Naming and Shaming Leaders

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One would never have thought that a single tweet could spark a nationwide conversation on government’s responsibility to its citizens. It seems the social media trend #FixTheCountry is far from over. Many predicted that it will only last for a day but it continues to drag on into the entire week.

The trend almost escalated to a nationwide protest today but for a court order restraining the protesters from staging a demonstration today.

However, the leader and originator of the #FixTheCountry, Kaly Jay is not giving up. In a tweet today, he urged Ghanaians to name and shame any minister, MP or government official who seems to be shirking responsibility. See his tweet below:

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This launched a new hashtag #NameAndShame, it is already trending Number in Ghana and has garnered over 50K tweets and still counting.

Below are some of the contributing post to the trend #NameAndShame:

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