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#FixTheCountry: Most of the Protesters are NDC Members- Freddie Blay

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The National Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP), Mr. Freddie Blay has stated on record that the majority of people protesting on social media against the government belong to the opposition party (NDC).

The Chairman was quick to add that these protestors were within their right to protest. However, he stated that calls to fix the country now have overhyped the actual situation on the ground. These were his exact words for your own read:

‘It’s a democratic country, you can have an opinion, maybe most of them are NDC people and maybe they are even referring to what then-candidate Akufo-Addo did say that when you are in power and people are complaining that things aren’t going well, fix it. Of course, government is in the act of fixing the problems in this country’

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Furthermore he explained, ‘Talk about dumsor, it’s not the dumsor as we know it in the NDC era that took place for four years, a few problems that we encountering. We are having problems with our distributing lines and definitely, efforts are being made to repair the broken down ones.’

Again he said, ‘So, if they say we should fix the country, definitely at our pace we doing that, a pace that Ghanaians will be happy with. We have explained that the situation is not a permanent situation, it’s just a three-four months situation that people are making it look as if everything is broken down and we are not doing anything about it.’

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