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Despite Severe Hardship In KNUST, Adam Gafaru Gets Full Scholarship To Study PhD In Biochemistry At Arizona State University After First Degree

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Adam only got help after he completed first degree from KNUST. He wrote his exams with sever hunger and had to sleep at a friend’s place throughout his studies on campus.

He was denied financial assistance because the District Chief Executive said his course wasn’t relevant. In this touching story shared on his LinkedIn page, Adam Gafaru narrates how he got a full scholarship to study in Arizona State University After sever hardship during his undergraduate studies in KNUST.

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Read the full story below:

After completing my bachelor’s degree in 2020 and obtaining a first-class Honours degree I could not still jubilate due to obvious reasons.; reasons that I cannot completely elaborate now. But to benefit someone who might feel hopeless especially in the University due to dire circumstances, I would jump now briefly to my life shortly before, through and shortly after KNUST.

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I would want to thank KNUST for calling from Boli, a small village in Wa municipal, and bringing me to Arizona, one of the best states in the United States of America.

I know there are people in the university who really want to achieve something for themselves but life on campus is so hard for them that their most dominant thoughts are in the direction of quitting even when they are doing well academically. They observe other students who have abundance of everything a student need even multiple scholarships, but they don’t know where their next school fees or accommodation will come from. I was not an exception; I went through the same precarious situations.

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I completed Nandom SHS in 2014 with aggregate 9. When I got admitted to KNUST in 2016 to read Biochemistry, after been rejected twice by UDS, getting the school fees of a little above GHS 1500 to pay was the hardest thing in my life. My JHS teacher emptied his bank savings to pay it for me. I applied for assistance from municipal assembly, the MCE (Hon. Nuhu Putiaha) at the time approved of it but when the new MCE (Hon. Issahaku) came, he disapproved of it for the reason that “Biochemistry is not any Good course to warrant their support” and that “support were only for the paramedics”, so I had to go and wallow for four years in other to complete this course. I just needed some help.

I never knew Kumasi by then, but I arrived in the evening at about 8pm with only one bag hanging on my back containing one trouser and a shirt and some few books. I did not have money to take “trotro” from Suami roundabout to KNUST, the only option was for me to walk. But I did not also know where KNUST was, and I was afraid to ask for the fear that I might be followed and attacked on my way. But thanks to the “Trotro mates” sounding tek, tek, tek along the way, I was able to navigate my way to Ayigya zongo, a suburb of KNUST where I was going to purge a friend’s room. I walk for approximately 3 hrs.
Life was so tough on campus that in my second semester of my first year, I email the management of MasterCard foundation that if I was sure I could get assistance from them I will defer my course and reapply again. But I got a reply from them advising me it would be unwise to do that and that I should push on since I don’t know what the future holds for me, so I had to continue that way. I went to the college of science counsellor too and received the same advice. After first some good people my life usually helped me with my academic fees and whatever else was always in the hands of GOD.

I used to write the end of semester with real hunger because every little thing I had will finish by then. But I manage to be in the first-class range because I believed getting a first class would get me out of this situation, since that could get me a foreign scholarship to leave Ghana once I don’t know any “big man” to help me with a job in Ghana after I graduate.
In my final year, since my CWA was going down due to these conditions, I apply for a student loan which I was approved and the money for the first semester came which I used to support myself in school. I was lucky and the COVID-19 pandemic struck at the time the second payment came so I did not spend that, and I kept it in order to pay application fees for foreign schools, of which I did. I knew I could not apply to American schools because I would not get the money to write GRE which is a requirement for schools in America.

But fortunately to say, due to the COVID-19 pandemic again, GRE was waved out for the 2021 fall terms. I applied and paid the application fee of $115 and within three weeks the only school I applied-Arizona State University offered me admission for a PHD in Biochemistry. I am currently in the USA, and I will start my classes on August 19, 2021.
After I graduated from KNUST and I was about to start my national service, I had a call from the Dean of Student office, KNUST, that they were awarding me a financial assistance but that was too late.

I thank God for planning this path for me and I would want to encourage anyone irrespective of your background to know that all the things that we go through whether good or bad are the necessary processes we have to follow in other for us to be built to face our future. They are not stumbling blocks, they are steppingstones. I hope to achieve something that would benefit the world entirely to make it a better place for all of us.

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