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Athlone Institute Bursary Project Fund 2022

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Athlone Institute Bursary Project Fund

The Athlone Institute Bursary Project Fund

About Athlone Institute

The Athlone Institute was founded by five churches: Bethel Congregational Church (now Bethel United Congregational Church), Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Immanuel URC, St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, and Zions Reformed Church (now Zions Uniting Reformed Church) to provide Higher Education facilities for the “colored community.” The Athlone Institute was founded as a Teacher’s Training School to prepare teachers from post-STD VI onwards.

Athlone Institute Bursary Project Fund 2022

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The Athlone Institute Bursary Project Fund (AIBPROF) was founded in 1998 and was previously known as the Bursary Project Committee. More than 1,500 students have benefited from AIBPROF’s bursaries and bursary loans to meritorious students from the Paarl and Mbekweni areas.

Students who live in the Paarl or Mbekweni areas and are members of one of AIT’s member churches are invited to join the AIBPROF.

Around 20 bursary loans will be available in 2022 to first-year students with a strong motivation for financial need.

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Bursaries will be considered for students in their second and subsequent university years based on academic merit, need, or both. The amount of the award varies, but it usually covers a percentage of the cost of tuition, registration, and books. The awards from the bursary fund are not refundable. The bursary monies are sent directly to the grantee’s educational institution and should only be used for educational purposes.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a member of one of the member churches of the Athlone Institute Trust or Paarl/Mbekweni permanent resident
  • Must be a parish member in good standing of one of the member churches of the AIT or a member in good standing of any bona-fide denomination/religious institution in Paarl or Mbekweni
  • Must be enrolled for full-time undergraduate studies for the 2022 academic year, at a tertiary institution.
  • Full-time student at an accredited tertiary institution by Register of Higher Education Institution and the Council of Higher Learning (check DHET website for a list of registered institutions)
  • Good academic performance and records
  • You must have passed your previous year of study
  • Show the proof of registration
  • Sow the proof of payment of the registration
  • You must be willing to take part in community service within the Paarl/ Mbekweni area
  • You must be willing to take part in the mentoring programme


How to Apply

  1. Complete the application form which can be downloaded here: Register for an account and fill in the online application here:
  2. Provide these documents with your application form and send to the contact details below:
    • Certified copy of ID
    • Certified copy of Matric results (First-Year Students)
    • Certified letter of Academic records (Senior Students)
    • Certified Proof of Registration
    • Copy of payment for Registration Fees.
    • Proof of applicant’s Residence
    • Certified copies of proof of income of your parent/guardian
    • Sworn affidavits if parent(s)/guardian(s) are unemployed
    • Official Testimonial by Religious Leader
  3. Once you have filled in all the information in the boxes below you will be able to submit the application and pieces of information:

Closing Date 

The AIBPROF bursary application deadline is February 18th, 2022.

Contact Details

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Post: The Secretary, PO Box 846, Huguenot, 7645
Tel: 021 862 7777

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