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Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI) Leadership Programme 2022

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Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI) Leadership Programme

About Ashinaga

The Ashinaga Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Tokyo, Japan. Yoshiomi Tamai started it after his mother died in a vehicle accident while he was young.

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The Ashinaga Foundation’s mission is to provide financial and emotional support to children who have lost one or both parents.

So far, the Foundation has assisted over 110,000 orphaned students around the world in completing their education.

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The Foundation’s African arm, Ashinaga Africa, provides the same services to African youth.

In 2014, the Ashinaga Africa Initiative was established. It has since aided thousands of students in completing their studies.

Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI) Leadership Programme 2022

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The Ashinaga Africa Initiative is an international leadership initiative that intends to develop the continent’s future generation of leaders.

AAI seeks to change the lives of students who have lost one or both of their parents by providing financial and emotional support.

AAI provides financial assistance to students who have completed or are about to complete their high school education. The monetary advantages will be used to pay the costs of obtaining an undergraduate degree in any field.

Selected students will be given the opportunity to study abroad. The location of the Ashinaga Study Camp, which the student must attend, will be determined by the Ashinaga Foundation.

It also relies on the student’s academic background, course availability, language requirements, and visa status.

If you are picked, the program will pay for the following expenses:

  • Tuition cost
  • Accommodation
  • Travel expenses
  • Miscellaneous cost

Eligibility Criteria

Students must meet specified eligibility criteria to be considered for the AAI leadership program.

Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected. As a result, before applying, double-check the following eligibility requirements.

  • Must be a citizen of a country that’s eligible for the programme
  • Must have been born after September 1, 1999
  • Must be either orphan or lost one parent
  • Should not have any dependents who may interfere with their studies
  • Must be in good health (to be able to study internationally)
  • Must have either completed secondary school or currently in secondary school
  • Must have received their national secondary school exam results in the last two years. If not, they must be in possession of the final exam results by 28 February 2022 (technical and vocational degrees excluded)
  • Must be willing to pursue an undergraduate degree qualification in any discipline
  • Must be in need of financial assistance to attend university abroad
  • Must be fluent in English, Portuguese, or French
  • Must be placed within the top 10% of the class in their last 2 to 3 years of secondary school
  • Must be willing to participate in two preparatory programmes organized by Ashinaga before the academic session starts
  • Must be willing to return to their home country after four years of completion of the undergraduate degree

AAI will make the final decision about the selection. Race, ethnicity, culture, and religious beliefs have no bearing on the selecting process.

How to Apply?

Students who are eligible should continue with the application procedure.

Create an account on the Ashinaga online portal as the initial step. This is how the applications are tracked. So follow the link and register yourself as an applicant. You can log in if you already have an account with SurveyMonkey Apply.

Within a month of registration, Ashinaga will email you the application form. You must fill out the form electronically. You can get help from the AAI Application Guidebook while doing so. Check your spam folder if you didn’t receive the form.

Documents Required

Please include the following documents with your application:

  • ID document
  • Passport-style photographs
  • Term reports or secondary school transcripts from the last two years
  • Final secondary school certificate (include results for each subject)
  • Recommendation letter from the principal or school teacher who can attest to your academic performance and character (the letter must be stamped or signed and should have their contact details)
  • Academic transcripts or university results, if available
  • Certificate of extracurricular activities
  • Death certificate of parents

Please send all of your documents to the above-mentioned email address.


Closing Date

For students from South Africa, the deadline to apply for the Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI) Leadership Programme is January 28, 2022.

*Applicants from Lusophone nations (Angola, Cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau, So Tomé and Prncipe, and Mozambique) must submit their applications by midnight GMT on Friday, October 15, 2021.

Contact Details

For more information, contact AAI at:

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