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Abigail Kwarteng, a personality uncovered

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Evidently, a Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology student, Miss Abigail Kwarteng is a second-year student offering a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Kwarteng Abigail grew up in Santasi with her Dad and Mum and has spent her entire educational life within the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Abigail started at Zion kids basic School in Breman, stepped to Collins Senior High School and is currently in KNUST as a promising technocrat. Confessing mirthfully as being the shy type, Miss Abigail has played several leadership roles in her entire school life.

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She has both been appointed and elected consistently as a class rep since her primary school days to Junior High School, Abigail became the SRC General of Collins Senior High School during her SHS days and has successfully offered her utmost services to the aforementioned portfolio

Currently, the Deputy General Secretary of the Economics Department of KNUST, Abigail has set her sights on the General Secretary’s office of the Faculty of Social Science and has objected to ensure due notices are given to all members of the association.

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Astutely as she prides her Faculty, Abigail indicated that her quest to serve SOCIOSO resides not only in the General Secretary’s office but beyond it as far as matters of the Faculty are concern.

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