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8 Solid Achievements of Theophilus Berchie In TEIN-KNUST

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  1. The evidence of a true leader is an embodiment of his track record. Theophilus Berchie serving as an Interim Deputy Chief Editor together with his main in their bid to make TEIN KNUST more vibrant and active on Campus, underscored the need to create a social media platform whose presence caused TEIN to excel greatly in its branding as a true intellectual wing. Evidence has it that, the turn out at our first general meeting was a massive one owing to this germane change during last Semester.
  2. Communication as said, is the prerequisite for sentience, saw Theophilus Berchie create a communication team to air the views of its members amid very guided workshops. This as seen, is worthy of note and is definitely a historic happening in the life of TEIN.
  3. The TEIN ACADEMIC HUB was an initiative birthed by THEO BERCHIE to make available to our cherished comrades past examination questions and other relevant academic materials which captured and focused greatly on the level 100s(freshers) in their maiden semester. This idea was borne out of a need that they were new to the university system and therefore needed such requisite materials to enable them appreciate the nature of examinations questions here thereby making them acclimatized to the examination climate. This made them study the pattern of questions and therefore prevented any possibility of studying haphazardly.
  4. For an honourable organisation like TEIN, the need to recognize the hard work exuded by some members was nothing to be unnoticed. Theophilus Berchie in his attempt to boost the morale of deserving members organized an honorarium to cause other trying members of TEIN to up their game and get on their feet with regard to their contributions to TEIN KNUST
  5. Every Organisation as a sub body must have its members never exist in a state of oblivion with regard to its mother body. The leadership of the mother and their connection to its sub body needed a very clear treatment. The alumni of TEIN KNUST whose relentless effort has catapulted them to the apogee of national politics were made known to members of TEIN KNUST all under the auspices of Theophilus Berchie’s leadership.
  6. The GIRL UP was a program financed by Master Theo Berchie and made available facilitators to roll out a 3 day intensive online learning skills for our lovely TEIN ladies.The courses taught were Sobolo, coconut milk drink,Atadwe Milk drink,Asaana,Beaded Key Rings and Customized Bracelets. It was a success and this can serve as a supplementary business for our ladies to earn some profit
  7. The TEIN skills hub was a program THEO BERCHIE lobbied hard to get TEIN members on board. In collaboration with the college of science, they brought this program on board to equip comrades with IT and technological skills such as Photography,Graphic Designing,Website Development and public speaking as well.
    It’s a stark knowledge that we’re in an information and technological epoch where these skills are indispensable in our daily lives hence its essence.
  8. As part of the efforts to make TEIN more attractive to members in the university community and and other students,Master Theo Berchie brought an initiative dubbed “THE SPOTLIGHT “ where active and hard working members in the association were given some awesome packages. Some were food stuff,drinks and others. It captured not less than 30 active members which was done randomly to ensure equity.
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