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2022 Budget Approved Without Minority MPs

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The parliament of Ghana has passed the 2022 budget statement into effect today Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

The parliament of Ghana approved the budget statement and economic policy as presented before the house by the Finance minister, Ken Ofori Atta. This took place at a time where the minority MPs had exited the chamber, and present were MPs from the majority side of the house.

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The approval took place after the Majority leader had asked the first Deputy speaker Joseph Osei Owusu, who sat in for Speaker in today’s sitting, to set aside the purported rejection of the budget. The Majority Leader argued that the purported rejection cannot hold as it did not comply with Article 104 of the constitutions which requires a certain number of MPs to be present for making decisions.

The said budget was earlier rejected on Friday, November 26, 2021, by the house. The basis for the rejection as moved by the minority was for some portions of the budget to be amended as they (Minority) finds the budget in its current state as not fit for approval. They had also argued that the budget when approved in its current form will bring hardship to the ordinary Ghanaian.

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The speaker, Hon. Osei Owusu, in making the declaration said, “ the House has adopted the Financial statement and approved the budget for the ensuring year ending 31st December 2022.”

“This house has approved the budget and economic statement,” He emphasized.  What will unfold out of this, we wait to see.

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