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11 Interesting Facts to Know About the Real Dr. Kwaku Frimpong

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Kwaku Frimpong, to many people is a catchphrase which went viral in Ghana and all over the music world.

To others, Kwaku Frimpong is just a man involved in a recent local football scandal which went viral in Ghana.

Kwaku Frimpong is just a regular name to many Ghanaians as well.

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So who really is Kwaku Frimpong?

Kwaku Frimpong

Who is Kwaku Frimpong?

Dr. Kwaku Frimpong is a popular locally acclaimed Millionaire business mogul.

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Who is Kweku Frimpong?

Kweku Frimpong is another name for popular Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif who is also known as Blacko. Black Sherif popularized the name Kweku Frimpong when he released a hit song titled ‘Second Sermon‘ which went viral globally and earned him a remix from Grammy winner and Nigerian singer Burna Boy.

Is Kweku Frimpong the same as Kwaku Frimpong?

From the above descriptions, it is clear the two names are not the same.

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While one is a character in a musical piece and at times used to refer to the singer, the other is the name of a popular Ghanaian businessman and sports enthusiast.

Kwaku Frimpong’s Sports Career

Aside his business exploits, Businessman Kwaku Frimpong is a dedicated sports lover. He is the Chairman of the Ashanti Gold Sporting Club in the Ghana Premier League.

He is also a bankroller of the Obuasi-based football club.

Kwaku Frimpong’s legal issues

The businessman was at the centre of a legal tussle in 2021 after his football club, Ashanti Gold SC was dragged to court for not paying SSNIT contributions for its players for over a year.

A meeting was arraigned between the businessman and the social security regulator to discuss the issue but he failed to show up.

The club was dragged to court and again, no club member showed up. The court then issued an arrest warrant for Dr. Kwaku Frimpong.

It is not clear if the arrest was effected.

On December 15 2021, the businessman made part payment of the SSNIT contribution for his players.

Kwaku Frimpong Prophecy Claims

Entangled in allegations of match-fixing which he denied, the Ashanti Gold SC President who denied any claim of involvement claimed he doesn’t bet as is being alleged.

In an interview with a local radio station. Kwaku Frimpong said although he doesn’t bet, he has prophets who pronounce game results to him prior to the match.

Kwaku Frimpong
Dr Kwaku Frimpong and his son Emmanuel Frimpong

Kwaku Frimpong’s Regrets

Plagued with a myriad of legal issues, the Kwaku Frimpong told a local radio station in Kumasi that he regretted investing his money in Ashanti Gold SC.

Kwaku Frimpong Murder Claims

Kwaku Frimpong in an interview with Kumasi-based Oyerepa Fm claimed that one Kudjoe Fianoo planned to kill him but he failed. He also accused him of trying to sabotage him and his football club.

Kudjoe Fianoo is the Chairman of the Ghana Leagues Club Association.

Kwaku Frimpong Football ban

The Ghana Football Association has banned the President of the Ashanti Gold SC from all football-related activities for the next 10 years.

He was also fined an amount of Gh¢ 100,000 for his alleged involvement in a match-fixing scandal involving his club.

Kwaku Frimpong Son Emmanuel Frimpong

Much is not known about Kwaku Frimpong’s son. But we know his name is Emmanuel Frimpong and he is the Chief Executive Officer of his father’s football club, Ashanti Gold SC.

Emmanuel Frimpong was also banned from all football related activities for the next 8 years with a fine of Gh¢ 50,000.

Emmanuel Frimpong

Kwaku Frimpong Doctorate Degree

The business mogul received an honorary doctorate degree from the Pentecost University College in 2015 for his ‘great achievement’ in business and ministry.

Pastoral Ministry

The businessman is not only into sports and other businesses. According to our research, Dr Kwaku Frimpong is also a pastor with 15 churches under his ministry.



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